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In order to try out this plug-in, you must download it from Audiokinetic’s website, then install it from the Audiokinetic Launcher.

Installation instructions

  • Open the Audiokinetic Launcher and go to the PLUG-INS tab. Under INSTALL NEW PLUG-INS section, select Add from directory then Add from archive.
  • Locate your downloaded archive and select it. The Launcher will then proceed to extract the plug-in. You are now ready to use your plug-in within Wwise!
Note: should any error occur during the plug-in extraction process, please contact the vendor through their support link which can be found on the plug-in’s page.

Unity/Unreal Integration

  • In Unity/Unreal tab, locate your project and click on Modify Wwise in project. Below form will be displayed.
  • In order to install required libraries in your Unity/Unreal project, click on Modify.

Note: for Unreal only, you will have to recompile your project following the below steps:

  • In a text editor, open <Unreal Project>/Plugins/Wwise/Source/AkAudio/AkAudio.Build.cs
  • Locate this line: AddWwiseLib(Target, "AkRecorderFX"); Under it, add the following line: AddWwiseLib(Target, "MyPlugin"); where "MyPlugin" should be replaced by the name of the plug-in library inside the Wwise SDK folder.

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