Polyspectral MBC is a multiband compressor plug-in, specifically designed with real-time mastering of a game’s mix in mind. Efficient and sonically transparent, the plug-in can be put to many uses. Apply gentle compression to your full mix to imbue it with a fuller, more detailed sound. Use it as an extremely natural-sounding mastering bus limiter, to keep control over dynamics in unpredictable gameplay scenarios. Or quickly adapt the dynamics and frequency content of your mix for different platforms or output scenarios. Whatever the goal, the plug-in’s detailed and responsive interface makes it easy to achieve.

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Installation instructions

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Built for Games

  • The filter and compression algorithms were developed specifically for use in game engines, where CPU cycles are at a premium.
  • The plug-in introduces negligible latency, crucial for responsive gameplay audio.
  • For wide coverage of modern game platforms, the signal processing code has been optimized for both Intel and ARM architectures.

Elegant, Responsive Interface

  • Your game’s mix can be monitored with a real-time spectral display.
  • Parameter adjustment is clear and intuitive, setting a new standard for game audio plug-in user interfaces.

Flexible Bus Layout

  • The plug-in supports all bus layouts, including Ambisonics.
  • LFE and Center channels can be excluded from processing if desired.

Pricing for games

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Versions & platforms

This plug-in is compatible with the following Wwise versions: 2017.2.0 and later

This plug-in runs on the following platforms.