Sample SoundSeed-Generated Sounds

Here are a few sample sounds that were generated using the various SoundSeed modules. While these individual sounds have been recorded for you to listen to them here, SoundSeed is really about sound synthesis. SoundSeed Air uses pure synthesis to create infinite variations of wind and "woosh" sounds that can change based on game action. SoundSeed Impact, on the other hand, uses modal synthesis to create variations in the resonance of a base (or "residual") sound.

To fully appreciate what SoundSeed can do for your game audio, contact us about licensing options.

Sounds generated with SoundSeed Impact

Footsteps on dirt ground Download
Footsteps on metal grate Download
Footsteps on hardwood floor Download
Club hitting a golf ball Download
Sword hit Download

Sounds generated with SoundSeed Air - Woosh

Helicopter Download
Wings Download

Sounds generated with SoundSeed Air - Wind

Ambience: Eerie Tunnel Download
Waterfall Download

If you hear crackling or noise while listening to the sample sounds on this page, please update your browser's Flash plug-in. Alternatively, you can download the MP3 files by clicking on the download link and then listen to them in your favorite media player.