Wwise 2010.2 Now Available

Wwise 2010.2 is now available for download (released on September 27, 2010). It contains bug fixes and is packed with new exciting features and a new Add-on option. Here are the highlights:

New Add-on

New features

See the release notes for more information on this version.


Side-chaining can now easily be achieved in Wwise by using the Wwise Meter effect and RTPC curves. The new "Wwise Meter" effect monitors the input signal of a bus and sends the calculated levels (using smoothing parameters such as Attack, Release and Hold) to a game parameter. A Volume RTPC curve linked to this game parameter can then be created on another bus resulting in the volume being affected by the level of the bus with the Meter effect inserted.

Read or watch the Side-Chaining tutorial for more details on how to setup side-chaining in your project.

New Effects

Wwise Flanger

The full-featured Wwise Flanger effect allows sound designers to create a large scope of effects, including vibrato, chorus, comb filtering and, of course, flanging.

Wwise Guitar Distortion

Four distortion models are available (overdrive, metal, fuzz, and clip) along with pre and post filters to create mock-ups for a wide range of classic guitar distortions.

Wwise Tremolo

The Wwise Tremolo creates trembling effects by modifying the amplitude of the signal up and down over time.

Wwise Meter

The Wwise Meter effect measures the level of a signal without modifying it, and optionally outputs this level as a Game Parameter. The dynamics as well as the range of the output value can be adjusted. It is most useful for achieving side-chaining, where the measured level of a bus drives the volume of another bus through an RTPC.

Perforce Enhancements

  • Perforce icons now appear over work units icons in the Project Explorer, the Property Editor and several other views.
  • Information such as Status and Owners are now available in the title bar of the object views.
  • New Status column in File Manager's commit dialog.
  • Prevent checking out files that are not the latest.

New Integration Demo

A new integration demo is now available for developers:

  • Code and user interface are now fully cross-platform.
  • New examples have been added.

New Columns in Voice profiling (Volume - LPF)

The Voices tab of the Advanced Profiler now shows volume and LPF attenuations pre and post positioning.

Support xWMA on XBox360

xWMA uses the WMA professional compression bit-stream format and provides a greater compression ratio than XMA. xWMA is very useful for dialogue and long duration files. A quality setting allows sound designers to vary the bit rate of the compressed sound.