Wwise 2010.3 Now Available

Wwise 2010.3 is now available for download (released on November 29, 2010). This new release is focused on performance, workflow enhancements and some bug fixes. Get more details on this new release.

Convolution Reverb: Performance Enhancements

The convolution reverb now offers a frequency adaptive compression method that can considerably reduce the memory footprint occupied by the impulse responses. By reducing IR footprint, it automatically reduces the CPU usage on all platforms.


Now, Wwise objects can subscribe to multiple state groups which simplifies the mix process and makes the use of states more powerful than ever.


  • Approximately 15% less memory is required in the sound engine “Default” memory pool.
  • Loops and markers are more accurate when using Vorbis on the PS3.
  • Enhanced External Source conversion from command-line.


Capture log enhancements:

  • The Filter text box is now directly in the capture log view for faster workflow.
  • The Filter button is highlighted when any filter is active.
  • Related objects can now be found and displayed in the capture log for a better overview of a profiling session.

Audio files and work units can now be opened in Windows Explorer.

SoundBank Manager view:

SoundBanks can be displayed as a flat list or within a tree-like structure. When in Tree list mode, the SoundBanks appear with the same structure found in the Project Explorer. This can greatly help with organization and streamline the SoundBank generation process.

Multi Platform development:

It is now possible to copy settings from one platform to another. This can be very useful when a platform is added during the development and you want to base its setting on an existing platform.

See the release notes for more information on this version.