Wwise 2011.1 Now Available

Wwise 2011.1 is now available for download (released on March 29, 2011). This new release focuses on performance, workflow enhancements, new features, and some bug fixes. Here is an overview of the release.


A forum now exists on Audiokinetic's web site for Wwise users to communicate and share ideas.

Two New Platforms

Wwise now supports Apple iOS and Nintendo 3DS.

Enhanced Voice Limiting System

  • For voice limiting, virtual voices are now excluded from physical voices. This resolves the issue where audible voices were occasionally discarded by inaudible voices.
  • Sounds over the playback limit can now go virtual instead of simply being killed.
  • At the Actor-Mixer hierarchy level, limits can be set globally or per game object.
  • A global maximum number of physical voices can now be set per platform.

Solo & Mute

Solo and Mute buttons have been added for monitoring purposes in several views, including the Mixing Desk, Property Editor, Schematic View, Soundcaster, Music Segment editor, and so on.

Convolution Reverb EQ

It is now possible to EQ the impulse response. This multiplies the number of different rooms that can be created out of a single impulse response.

List View

The List View streamlines daily operations including searching, validating and editing a list of objects. Batch editing is also possible.

Multi-Editor Improvements

Notes, Attenuation ShareSets, Positioning and new object types have been added to the Multi-Editor.

Configurable Soundbank Log Severities

The severity of SoundBank log messages can now be modified to allow more control over the code returned when using the Wwise command line application.

New Event Action: Set Game Parameter

It is now possible to drive game parameter using event actions. The action parameters offer Absolute/Relative values and transition curves.

Runtime Authoring

It is now possible to modify event action properties and instance limits on objects at runtime when you are connected to the game.

See the release notes for more information on this version.