Wwise 2011.2 Now Available

Wwise 2011.2 is now available for download (released on July 25th, 2011). This new release focuses on new features, workflow enhancements, performance and bug fixes. Here is an overview of the release.

Audio File Importer Enhancements

The Audio File Importer view has been redesigned to speed up the import process and to allow the creation of audio objects directly at the import stage:

  • Hierarchies of folders containing *.wav files can now be imported.
  • Folders, actor-mixers and containers can now be created directly from the Audio File Importer view.
  • Imported hierarchies can be merged with existing objects in the project.
  • Existing objects or structures in the project can be utilized as templates for new imported objects.

New Effects

Four new effects have been added to Wwise:

  • Time Stretch - Changes duration without affecting pitch.
  • Pitch Shifter - Changes pitch without affecting duration.
  • Harmonizer - Adds one or two pitched voices to incoming signal.
  • Stereo Delay - A dual channel delay with a built-in filter. It has feedback and crossfeed controls to send delayed signal from one channel to another to create stereo effects.

Memory Optimizations

Enhancements on the sound property system led to significant optimizations on all platforms:

  • Events and audio structures metadata in SoundBanks can take up to 30% less space on disk.
  • The Default memory pool can take up to 15% less runtime memory.

Wwise Integration in Unity Pro 3 Game Development Tool

A beta integration of Wwise for Unity Pro 3.4 for PC is now available. Please contact us if you want to try it.

Native Support for RSX™ Streaming on PS3

Sound-SFX and Sound-Voice can be set from the user interface to stream from RSX memory on PS3. Additionally, the Wwise File Packager can be set to automatically create RSX packages with these specific stream files.

Communication on Nintendo 3DS

The communication module for Nintendo 3DS has been rewritten to be faster and more reliable. It now uses a USB connection instead of Wi-Fi.


  • External source files are now supported by the File Packager and can be packaged with other SoundBanks and streamed files.
  • The Integration Demo has been ported to Mac OS.
  • Windows libraries (32-bit and 64-bit) are now available for Visual C++ 2010.
  • Wwise Motion now supports PlayStation®Move controller.
  • It's now easier to set the panning rules between Speakers or Headphones in the user interface and at runtime.

See the release notes for more information on this version.