Welcome plug-ins developers! We’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to develop, and feature your plug-ins for use with Wwise on the Audiokinetic Store. We will direct users to your product web page directly for any purchases.

Please note that for your plug-in to be featured on our store, you will need to sign the following agreement.

This agreement allows you to distribute it as a community plug-in for use with Wwise.

Note that signing the agreement does not guarantee the placement of your plug-in on the Audiokinetic website, but will allow for our consideration.

Please read the following documents carefully prior to registering your plug-in.

Program rules

All Community Plug-in submissions must be made through the AUDIOKINETIC portal and will be subject to approval by AUDIOKINETIC.

Once you have submitted your registration and click-through SDK agreement, you can expect us to get back to you within 10 business days. Feel free to send us your logo in advance once you completed your registration, to marketing@audiokinetic.com

Below, you’ll find a summary of the essential terms related to the SDK Agreement. Please refer to the legal agreement upon submitting your plug-in, for complete information.

Key terms as per your commitment to the SDK Agreement.

  • You may not publish, distribute or copy the AUDIOKINETIC SDK, nor modify or create derivative works of the AUDIOKINETIC SDK.
  • You may use the AUDIOKINETIC SDK solely in connection with the AUDIOKINETIC Wwise Technology.
  • You may indicate that your plug-In is “for use with Wwise”, but you cannot use “Audiokinetic”, “Wwise”, or any logo or other trademark of AUDIOKINETIC in connection with your plug-in or company.

Technical Guidelines

Please refer to the detailed Technical Guidelines to build and prepare your Wwise Plug-in.