Audiokinetic Consulting Services

Audiokinetic is fuelled by a core team of experts in interactive audio, games, and software development. With years of industry experience in both the commercial audio and interactive gaming industries as well as a clear understanding of the challenges faced by sound designers and audio programmers today, we are focused on delivering innovative solutions that encourage creativity and collaboration.

Engaging our services is a great way to leverage our expertise for your game production. We offer a variety of consulting options that will improve both your efficiency and productivity. Our Services can help you to minimize disruptions and downtime, fully exploit the power of the software, and gain that competitive advantage that sets your game apart.

Let us help you maximize your resources to meet the rigorous production and design demands of the gaming industry. Our Consulting Services include:

  • Custom tool/feature development

    To meet the specific requirements of your project, our consultants can engineer new application features or extend existing core functionality.

  • Project support

    Our sound designers and/or audio programmers can facilitate the creation and implementation of your audio content. They can also provide best practices that will allow you to take full advantage of all of the features in Wwise.

  • Training

    Our experts offer on-site training to get you up to speed on working with Wwise. By coming to you, we can assess and address your specific needs and abilities to ensure that you get the most out of your training.

  • Project evaluation

    Project evaluation can occur at any time. Our experts can verify your development plan at the beginning or assess your audio at any point during your production. We can help you establish best practices, evaluate technology, and propose solutions, including tools and/or feature development.

  • Sound Engine Integration

    Whether you use a proprietary or commercial game engine, including Unreal or Unity Pro, the integration experts at Audiokinetic can get Wwise into your development pipeline quickly and easily.

For more information about Audiokinetic Consulting, please contact us.