Soundseed™ Grain is a granular synthesizer which can be added to a Wwise project as a source Plug-In. It allows you to granulate and transform audio files with extreme flexibility.

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Key features

  • Independent control of grain duration, emission and pitch
  • Forward and backward playback
  • Various envelope shapes and control
  • Independent 3D spatialization of grains
  • Visualization features to help design: grains, live slider feedback, envelope preview, VU meter
  • Per-grain filtering
  • MIDI control

Modulation of all properties

  • Modulators embedded in the plug-in UI
  • RTPC and Wwise Modulators
  • Quantization to musical scales

Grain start positions can be snapped to markers

  • Markers can be set automatically by Wwise based on transient detection
  • Markers can be embedded in the source audio file with an external wave editor
  • Markers can be set and moved manually

Optimized file conversions

  • Optimized for speed: supports run-time PCM and ADPCM decoding
  • Smooth integration with Wwise audio file conversions ShareSets and all their features

Pricing for games

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Versions & platforms

This plug-in is compatible with the following Wwise versions: 2018.1 to 2023.1

This plug-in runs on the following platforms.

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