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Applying the Wwise-251 License to Your Project

With your projects installed and assembled, you’ll be able to add your approved license key to the Wwise projects. Although this can be done by copying the license key (found in your Customer Portal) to the Wwise License Manager, it’s much easier to apply licenses using the Wwise Launcher.

Applying the license key to the Wwise project:

  1. Open the Wwise Launcher and log in to your account so you’ll have access to your license.

  2. Go to the Projects tab and find the desired Wwise project.

    [Tip] A project remains unlisted if you have yet to open it

    To open it, go to Project tab, open the RECENT PROJECTS settings menu, and select Open Other…. A Explorer (windows) or Finder (Mac) window will appear, where you will have to navigate to the Wwise Project file. Once you have closed the project and re-opened the Wwise Launcher, you will see the project in the list below RECENT PROJECTS.

  3. Click its licensing button and select Set Project License > Performance Optimization & Mobile Considerations.

    Your project is now licensed! (Note, because there are separate Wwise projects for each lesson, you will need to apply the license to each one.)