Leçon 8

Table des matières

Enemy Music Theme

While the region music is based on which region the Player is in, the enemy music is determined by what type of enemy is nearby and how close that enemy is to the Player. Each enemy type has its own theme consisting of 3-4 Music Segments, and a given theme's volume is controlled individually based on the proximity of that enemy type to the Player.

For each enemy type, a unique Game Parameter has been created and assigned to the corresponding Music Tracks in the Music_Enemies Music Playlist Container.


As you might encounter more of the same enemies at once, each individual Game Parameter is only set with the distance of the closest enemy of that type.

As you are rarely in combat with all three types of enemies, you will most likely not hear all layers at once until the Wwise Adventure Game's final quest in the Core where all Game Parameters are intentionally overwritten and set to maximum volume. All enemy music themes will play simultaneously and will continue to do so to ensure that the themes are always in sync with the region themes, even though they may not be audible during gameplay.