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Installing the Wwise-301 Course Project Files

You can normally place your Wwise projects wherever you like. However, in order to follow the lesson step-by-step assignments, please do the following:

  1. Download the Wwise-301.zip file from https://www.audiokinetic.com/download/lessons/Wwise-301_v2019.1.zip. Let's navigate to the folder where you installed the Wwise Adventure Game.

  2. In the Wwise Adventure Game tab, click Settings and select Open Containing Folder.

  3. Extract the Wwise-301.zip and move the new Wwise-301 folder to the Wwise Adventure Game 2019.1.4 folder.

The Wwise-301 folder will contain one Wwise project, but all other files will be collected by downloading the Wwise Adventure Game from the Launcher.