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Synchronizing Music Systems

Both the enemy and region theme have been composed with the same tempo and key to ensure that they are rhythmically and harmonically compatible. In the Wwise Adventure Game Wwise Project, the enemy and region theme have been set up as two individual systems to reduce hierarchal complexity.

Based on the Player's location in game, the Music_Region Switch Container will transition into the referenced region theme. Each of the region themes have then been organized into a Music Playlist Container, that will repeat the theme until another is entered.

The enemy theme is set up as a one-shot Music Playlist Container and to keep the themes synchronized at all times, the Music_Enemies Playlist Container will be called from the Music_Region's Music Segments.

As such, the music themes will stay synchronized no matter what game object they are being posted onto. Even if the region theme were to be paused and resumed later, the enemy theme would simply be reactivated by the region theme.