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Wwise Settings

To prepare the connection between Wwise and Unity, you need to visit the Wwise Settings found in Unity's Edit menu. The Wwise Settings will only appear once the Wwise Unity Integration has been imported. Let's set the values we'll need for the 301 certification.

  1. Select Edit > Wwise Settings….

    The Wwise Settings window is a reference system for the integration into Unity. Here you reference the Wwise installation and project path, so that the Unity Project can fetch the SoundBanks on execution, know which Wwise version to use, and so on.

  2. In the Wwise Project Path, click the browse button [ ].

  3. Locate the Wwise_301 Wwise Project and click Open.

  4. In the Wwise Installation Path, click the browse button [] to reference your Wwise application.

    By default, Wwise will be installed in the following locations:

    • Windows: Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Wwise (followed by version numbering)

    • Mac: /Applications/Audiokinetic/Wwise (followed by version numbering)

  5. On Windows, locate your Wwise installation path and click Select Folder.

    On Mac, locate the Wwise Application and then click OK.

The Wwise Unity integration will now be aware of the location of your Wwise installation and Wwise project. When entering Play mode or refreshing the Wwise Picker window, the Wwise Unity Integration will be able to fetch all necessary data from locations outside the Unity Project. Should you move the WAG Unity Project or install a newer version of Wwise, you might have to perform these steps again.