Table des matières

virtual AKRESULT AK::IAkMixerEffectPlugin::Init ( IAkPluginMemAlloc in_pAllocator,
IAkMixerPluginContext in_pMixerPluginContext,
IAkPluginParam in_pParams,
AkAudioFormat in_rFormat  
) [pure virtual]

Software effect plug-in initialization. Prepares the effect for data processing, allocates memory and sets up the initial conditions.

Note: Memory allocation should be done through appropriate macros (see Allocating/De-allocating Memory in Audio Plug-ins).
in_pAllocator  Interface to memory allocator to be used by the effect.
in_pMixerPluginContext  Interface to mixer plug-in's context.
in_pParams  Interface to plug-in parameters.
in_rFormat  Audio data format of the requested output signal.