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virtual AKRESULT AK::IAkPluginContextBase::GetOutputID ( AkUInt32 out_uOutputID,
AkUInt32 out_uDeviceType  
) const [pure virtual]

Identify the mixing graph where the plug-in is instantiated by getting the end-point's output ID and device type that were given to AddSecondaryOutput(). Primary output graph returns out_uOutputID = 0 and out_uDeviceType = (AkUInt32)AkOutput_Main. Applicable to plug-ins instantiated in the Master-Mixer hierarchy only (bus insert, mixer, sink). Plug-ins instantiated in the Actor-Mixer hierarchy (i.e. on voices) return AK_NotCompatible.

See also:
The device type and unique identifier. AK_Success if successful, AK_NotCompatible otherwise.
out_uOutputID  Device identifier, when multiple devices of the same type are possible.
out_uDeviceType  Device type, must be one of the currently supported devices types. Can be casted to platforms-specific AkAudioOutputType.