Table des matières

virtual AKRESULT AK::IAkPluginContextBase::PostMonitorData ( void *  in_pData,
AkUInt32  in_uDataSize  
) [pure virtual]

Post a custom blob of data to the UI counterpart of this effect plug-in. Data is sent asynchronously through the profiling system. Notes:

  • It is only possible to post data when the instance of the plug-in is on a bus, because there is a one-to-one relationship with its effect settings view. You may call CanPostMonitorData() to determine if your plug-in can send data to the UI.
  • Data is copied into the communication buffer within this method, so you may discard it afterwards.
  • You need to handle byte swapping on one side or the other when sending data from a big-endian platform.
  • Sending data to the UI is only possible in Debug and Profile. Thus, you should enclose your calls to package and send that data within !AK_OPTIMIZED preprocessor flag.
    AK_Success if the plug-in exists on a bus, AK_Fail otherwise.
in_pData  Blob of data.
in_uDataSize  Size of data.