Table des matières

virtual void AK::IAkSourcePlugin::Execute ( AkAudioBuffer io_pBuffer,
AK::MultiCoreServices::DspProcess *&  out_pDspProcess  
) [pure virtual]

Software effect plug-in DSP execution.

Note: The effect can output as much as wanted up to MaxFrames(). All sample frames passed uValidFrames at input time are not initialized and it is the responsibility of the effect to do so. When modifying the number of valid frames within execution (e.g. to flush delay lines) the effect should notify the pipeline by updating uValidFrames accordingly.
Note: The effect will stop being called by the pipeline when AK_NoMoreData is returned in the the eState field of the AkAudioBuffer structure.
io_pBuffer  In/Out audio buffer data structure (in-place processing)
out_pDspProcess  Asynchronous DSP process utilities on PS3