Table des matières

virtual bool AK::SoundFrame::ISoundFrame::GenerateSoundBanks ( LPCWSTR *  in_pszBanks,
long  in_cBanks,
LPCWSTR *  in_pszPlatforms,
long  in_cPlatforms,
LPCWSTR *  in_pszLanguages,
long  in_cLanguages  
) [pure virtual]

Tell Wwise to immediately generate SoundBanks.

True if the operation was successful, False otherwise
See also:
in_pszBanks  Array of bank names
in_cBanks  Number of banks in in_pszBanks
in_pszPlatforms  Array of platform names
in_cPlatforms  Number of platforms in in_pszPlatforms
in_pszLanguages  Array of language names
in_cLanguages  Number of languages in in_pszLanguages