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virtual bool AK::SoundFrame::ISoundFrame::PlayEvents ( const AkUniqueID in_pEvents,
long  in_cEvents,
AkGameObjectID  in_gameObjectID = IGameObject::s_WwiseGameObject  
) [pure virtual]

Trigger playback of events in Wwise (using the unique IDs of events).

This function is thread-safe.

Note: Using the AK::SoundFrame::IGameObject::s_WwiseGameObject will result in playback on the default game object in Wwise.
Caution: Event playback in Wwise is not synchronized. Even if multiple events are sent in the same PlayEvents() call, they might not all start at the exact same time.
True if the operation was successful, False otherwise
See also:
in_pEvents  Array of unique IDs of events
in_cEvents  Number of events in in_pEvents
in_gameObjectID  Game object on which events will be played (optional)