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virtual bool AK::Wwise::IAudioPlugin::GetPluginData ( const GUID &  in_guidPlatform,
AkPluginParamID  in_idParam,
IWriteData in_pDataWriter  
) const [pure virtual]

This function is called by Wwise to obtain parameters that will be sent to the sound engine when Wwise is connected. This block should contain only data that is NOT a property defined in the plugin xml file. The parameter ID should be something different than the ones used in the plugin xml.

This function is guaranteed to be called by a single thread at a time.
True if the plug-in has some plugin-defined data. False otherwise.
See also:
in_guidPlatform  The unique ID of the queried platform
in_idParam  The plugin-defined parameter ID
in_pDataWriter  A pointer to the data writer interface

Implemented in AK::Wwise::DefaultAudioPluginImplementation.