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AkAudioBuffer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

  AkAudioBuffer ()
AkForceInline void  ClearData ()
  Clear data pointer.
AkForceInline void  Clear ()
  Clear members.
AkForceInline AkUInt16  MaxFrames ()
Channel queries.

AkForceInline AkUInt32  NumChannels ()
  Get the number of channels.
AkForceInline bool  HasLFE ()
  Returns true if there is an LFE channel present.
AkForceInline AkChannelConfig  GetChannelConfig () const

Public Attributes

  Execution status.
AkUInt16  uValidFrames
  Number of valid sample frames in the audio buffer.

Protected Attributes

  Array of audio buffers for each channel (Wii-specific implementation).
AkChannelConfig  channelConfig
  Channel config.
AkUInt16  uMaxFrames
  Number of sample frames the buffer can hold. Access through AkAudioBuffer::MaxFrames().

Deinterleaved interface

Get address of data: to be used with interleaved buffers only.

Only source plugins can output interleaved data. This is determined at initial handshaking.
See also:

AkForceInline bool  HasData ()
  Check if buffer has samples attached to it.
AkSampleType GetChannel (AkUInt32 in_uIndex)
AkSampleType GetLFE ()
void  ZeroPadToMaxFrames ()
AkForceInline void *  GetDataStartDMA ()
static AkUInt32  StandardToPipelineIndex (AkChannelConfig in_channelConfig, AkUInt32 in_uChannelIdx)

Detailed Description

Audio buffer structure including the address of an audio buffer, the number of valid frames inside, and the maximum number of frames the audio buffer can hold.

See also:

Definition at line 477 of file AkCommonDefs.h.

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