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CAkSmartPtr< T > Class Template Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

AkForceInline  CAkSmartPtr ()
  Smart pointer constructor.
AkForceInline  CAkSmartPtr (T *in_pT)
  Smart pointer constructor.
AkForceInline  CAkSmartPtr (const CAkSmartPtr< T > &in_rPtr)
  Smart pointer constructor.
  ~CAkSmartPtr ()
  Smart pointer destructor.
AkForceInline void  Release ()
AkForceInline void  Attach (T *in_pObj)
  Assign with no Addref.
AkForceInline T *  Detach ()
  Give the pointer without releasing it.
const CAkSmartPtr< T > &  operator= (const CAkSmartPtr< T > &in_pObj)
  Assignation operator.
const CAkSmartPtr< T > &  operator= (T *in_pObj)
  Assignation operator.
T &  operator* ()
  Operator *.
T *  operator-> () const
  Operator ->
  operator T * () const
T **  operator& ()
  Operators to pass to functions like QueryInterface and other functions returning an addref'd pointer.
const T &  operator* () const
  Operator *.
T *  Cast ()
const T *  Cast () const

Protected Member Functions

void  _Assign (T *in_pObj, bool in_bAddRef=true)
  internal use only
bool  _Compare (const T *in_pObj) const
  internal use only

Protected Attributes

T *  m_pT
  internal use only

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class CAkSmartPtr< T >

Definition at line 17 of file AkSmartPtr.h.

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