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include/AK/Tools/Win32/ThreadEmulation.h File Reference

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namespace   AK

Audiokinetic namespace.

namespace   AK::ThreadEmulation


HANDLE WINAPI  AK::ThreadEmulation::CreateThread (__in LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE lpStartAddress, __in_opt LPVOID lpParameter, __in DWORD dwCreationFlags)
DWORD WINAPI  AK::ThreadEmulation::ResumeThread (__in HANDLE hThread)
BOOL WINAPI  AK::ThreadEmulation::SetThreadPriority (__in HANDLE hThread, __in int nPriority)
VOID WINAPI  AK::ThreadEmulation::Sleep (__in DWORD dwMilliseconds)
VOID WINAPI  AK::ThreadEmulation::SleepEx (__in DWORD dwMilliseconds, BOOL in_bAlertable)