Wwise SDK 2015.1.9


Wwise® is a comprehensive audio middleware solution for game development designed to create sophisticated and rich interactive audio. It consists of an authoring application and sound engine that are tightly integrated, giving sound designers and programmers the power to achieve awe-inspiring audio more affordably and in less time.

The Wwise sound engine consists of two sections: a cross-platform behavioral level that handles a comprehensive set of functionalities and a low level section that has been highly optimized for each platform. The sound engine was developed with ease of integration in mind making it simple to take full advantage of advanced audio features within your games.

How to Use the SDK Documentation

The main sections of the Wwise SDK documentation are as follows:

  • Before You Begin
    Check this section before beginning your work to learn about best practices and Wwise SDK concepts.
  • Sound Engine Integration Walkthrough
    Learn about how to integrate the Wwise sound engine into your game, including such tasks as initializing and terminating the modules of the sound engine, frame rendering, and integrating various elements, such as events, banks, and game objects.
  • Samples
    This section will introduce you to the various samples that are available within the Wwise SDK or available as separate downloads.
  • Going Further
    Consult this section to carry out advanced projects with the Wwise SDK, including overriding managers, creating new plug-ins, and optimizing memory pools.
  • Reference Materials
    Refer to this section if you want more details about the Wwise SDK. It describes the SDK directory structure, its libraries, and its file types.
  • What's New?
    Refer to this section to read the list of changes made to the SDK since the last Wwise release. You will also find instructions to port a project's audio from a previous release of the SDK to the current one.
  • Open Source Components in Wwise
    Refer to this page for licenses to open sources available as options in the Wwise SDK and the Wwise Authoring Application.