Table des matières

Default is 1 audio quantum (20.3 ms on most platforms). This value is adequate if you have a RAM-based streaming device which completes transfers within 20 ms: with 1 look-ahead quantum, voices spawned by continuous containers are more likely to be ready when they are required to play, thus improving the overall timing precision sounds scheduling. If your device completes transfers in 30 ms instead, you might consider increasing this value to 2, as it will grant new voices 2 audio quanta (~41 ms) during which they can fetch data.

Number of quanta ahead when continuous containers should instantiate a new voice before which next sounds should start playing. This look-ahead time allows I/O to occur, and is especially useful to reduce the latency of continuous containers with trigger rate or sample-accurate transitions.

Definition at line 128 of file AkSoundEngine.h.