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AkMusicPlaylistCallbackInfo Struct Reference

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AkEventCallbackInfo AkCallbackInfo

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Public Attributes

AkUniqueID  playlistID
  ID of playlist node.
AkUInt32  uNumPlaylistItems
  Number of items in playlist node (may be segments or other playlists).
AkUInt32  uPlaylistSelection
  Selection: set by sound engine, modified by callback function (if not in range 0 <= uPlaylistSelection < uNumPlaylistItems then ignored).
AkUInt32  uPlaylistItemDone
  Playlist node done: set by sound engine, modified by callback function (if set to anything but 0 then the current playlist item is done, and uPlaylistSelection is ignored).

Detailed Description

Callback information structure corresponding to AK_MusicPlaylistSelect. Called when a music playlist container must select its next item to play. The members uPlaylistSelection and uPlaylistItemDone are set by the sound engine before the callback function call. They are set to the next item selected by the sound engine. They are to be modified by the callback function if the selection is to be changed.

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Definition at line 161 of file AkCallback.h.

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