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AkMusicSyncCallbackInfo Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

AkPlayingID  playingID
  Playing ID of Event, returned by PostEvent().
AkCallbackType  musicSyncType
  Would be either AK_MusicSyncEntry, AK_MusicSyncBeat, AK_MusicSyncBar, AK_MusicSyncExit, AK_MusicSyncGrid, AK_MusicSyncPoint or AK_MusicSyncUserCue.
AkReal32  fBeatDuration
  Beat Duration in seconds.
AkReal32  fBarDuration
  Bar Duration in seconds.
AkReal32  fGridDuration
  Grid duration in seconds.
AkReal32  fGridOffset
  Grid offset in seconds.
char *  pszUserCueName
  Cue name (UTF-8 string). Set for notifications AK_MusicSyncUserCue. NULL if cue has no name.

Detailed Description

Callback information structure corresponding to Ak_MusicSync. If you need the Tempo, you can compute it using the fBeatDuration Tempo (beats per minute) = 60/fBeatDuration

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Definition at line 176 of file AkCallback.h.

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