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What's New in 2013.2.2?

2013.2.2 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2013.2.1 and version 2013.2.2.

Platform SDK changes

  • 3DS: updated to CTR-SDK 5.2.3 and VSI-CTR Platform based on Visual Studio 2010
  • Wii U: updated Multi compiler to 5.3.22

New Features

  • (iOS) New API function AK::SoundEngine::iOS::Suspend to notify Sound Engine that the device is suspended.
  • (Wii U) Ak::SoundEngine::Wii::SendMainOutputToDevice now supports sending to both TV and DRC at the same time with AkSink_DRC_Slave
  • (Xbox One) Trigger rumble now supported by motion generator.
  • (Xbox One) Maximum XMA instance count now exposed as an initialization parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-23747 Fixed: (iOS) Various crashes due to dummy sink misbehaviour during audio session interruption and suspension.
  • WG-23839 Fixed: (Xbox One) Elapsed time calculation of "from elapsed time" XMA virtual voices is wrong.
  • WG-23868 Fixed: (Xbox One) Assert when applying a time stretch effect on a XMA voice.
  • WG-23850 Fixed: Advanced profiler erroneously displays sounds to be sent to aux busses using game-defined even when they are not enabled.
  • WG-23855 Fixed: SoundBanks show up as 'Unknown' in Advanced Profiler (SoundBanks and Loaded Media tabs).
  • WG-23857 Fixed: Possible crash when pressing directions arrows in some empty views.
  • WG-23860 Fixed: (Wii U) Compilation issues with Multi 5.3.22.
  • WG-23863 Fixed: Possible crash when adding a State Group containing lot of States in the Dynamic Dialogue view.
  • WG-23876 Fixed: Crash when connecting/disconnecting headphones in Remote Desktop.
  • WG-23880 Fixed: Possible crash when editing Game Object Watched list while the 3D filter view is displayed.
  • WG-23911 Fixed: Possible crash when using a changing set of game-defined aux sends and specifying non-existing aux bus ids.
  • WG-23935 Fixed: Rare transition leak when exceeding maximum number of transitions, or running out of memory; can cause sounds to fail to stop.
  • WG-23955 Fixed: Calling SetActiveListener always prints "Sound has no listener" warning.
  • WG-23981 Fixed: Pausing a voice sending to an Aux Bus could in some occasions loose its active send when resuming.