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What's New in 2013.2.6?

2013.2.6 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2013.2.5 and version 2013.2.6.

Platform SDK changes

  • PS4: updated to SDK 1.600
  • Xbox One: updated to XDK March 2014

New Features

  • WG-22305 (Android) Allow deploying and accessing SoundBanks in both APK and Android file system. Call low-level IO function AddBasePath() to point to an alternate location.
  • WG-24271 AstoundSound plug-ins now available on Android and iOS.
  • WG-24699 (PS4) Support for ATRAC-9 Streaming.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-24660 Fixed: Possible stack overflow when playing a continuous infinitely looping container with a transition time set to delay of 0 s when nothing is playable
  • WG-24691 Fixed: Invalid display of secondary output voices in Advanced Profiler
  • WG-24692 (WiiU) Fixed: Remote Connection not functioning properly (regression introduced in 2013.2.5)
  • WG-24699 (PS4) Fixed: ATRAC-9 crashes in various scenarios
  • WG-24704 (Xbox 360) Fixed: Peak Limiter meters not displayed correctly when monitoring
  • WG-24709 Possible crash in Advanced Profiler Voices Graph tab when connecting to a game