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What's New in 2013.2.7?

2013.2.7 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2013.2.6 and version 2013.2.7.

Platform SDK changes

  • Updated Wii U VSI to 2.3.5
  • Added Visual Studio 2013 libraries for Windows and Metro

New Features

  • (Xbox One) Support for XMA Streaming.
  • CrankCase REV:
    • New cars added.
    • Added support for Xbox360 controller to simulate models.

API Changes

Performance Improvements

  • WG-24487 New C++-based CopyStreamedFiles helper application replaces the C#-based AkCopyStreamedFiles sample tool. It is available in both Windows and Mac builds of the authoring application.
  • WG-24699 (PS4) ATRAC-9 hardware resources and memory optimisation for virtual voices.
  • WG-24503 File Manager: Submit Changes was re-factored for better performances (Perforce and SVN).

Bug Fixes

  • WG-23550 Fixed: Metering of the master Secondary bus does not initially work correctly.
  • WG-24393 (PS4) Fixed: occasional assert after seeking in ATRAC-9 stream.
  • WG-24504 (Xbox One) Stability fixes in XMA decoding.
  • WG-24785 Fixed: Deadlock when connecting Wwise with a full command queue.
  • WG-24838 (iOS) Fixed: Compilation error in level 2 source code.
  • WG-24860 Fixed: Occasional nullpointer crash in CAkMixer when using out-of-place effects.
  • WG-24900 Fixed: Soundbanks: differences in some bytes after successive bank generations.
  • WG-24903 Fixed: Crankcase REV soundbank packaging issues.
  • WG-24910 (Xbox One) Disabled call to AcpHalAllocateShapeContexts when uMaxXMAVoices is 0.
  • WG-24916 Fixed: Authoring displays Secondary Output as stereo.
  • WG-24970 (PS4) Fixed: Possible deadlock when a controller battery dies.
  • WG-25008 Fixed: Suboptimal cached stream block pick in some scenarios.