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What's New in 2014.1.2?

2014.1.2 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes made to Wwise between version 2014.1.1 and version 2014.1.2.

Platform SDK changes

  • Linux: changed build environment to Steam Runtime and GCC 4.8.1
  • Xbox One XDK updated to November 2014
  • PS4 SDK updated to 2.000
  • PlayStation®Vita SDK updated to 3.300

Performance Improvements

  • WG-26402 Improved loading speed when a project contains a large number of work units.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-26160 Fixed: A Crash, which occurred, when an RTPC transition was created and then the game object was destroyed before the next transition update.
  • WG-26288 Fixed: OutputDebugMsg still outputs in Release.
  • WG-26293 Fixed: Effect inclusion in SoundBank Definition File can result in a Preset of the same name being included in the SoundBank.
  • WG-26293 Fixed: Short ID clash incorrectly reported upon loading a project containing a Preset and a similarily-named non-Preset.
  • WG-26316 Fixed: Infinite loop in CAkListener::ComputeSpeakerMatrix3D() in scenarios using HDR and virtual voices caused by instance limiting.
  • WG-26328 Fixed: (iOS) Crash on ARM64 devices when playing events using Vorbis-encoded banks.
  • WG-26338 Fixed: Possible missing parameters updated when playing multiple nodes with different bus parent overrides.
  • WG-26341 Fixed: Command Queue Used is always over 100% in the profiler
  • WG-26346 Fixed: Crash in stream manager deferred device when loading large files with out-of-order request completion (regression in 2014.1).
  • WG-26347 Fixed: MIDI: MIDI clip note velocity, used in an RTPC on the MIDI Target's Source, does not update.
  • WG-26353 Fixed: Synth One: ASSERT (AkSynthOneSimd.inl) when playing Sawtooth with FM and PWM.
  • WG-26373 Fixed: Crash in ProcessModulators() caused by a memory allocation failure.
  • WG-26376 Fixed: A race condition in PS4 output sink when low CPU is used.
  • WG-26382 Fixed: Crash when changing the Convolution Reverb "Type" while playing in the Authoring Tool.
  • WG-26385 Fixed: (Android) Wwise takes CPU when in background.
  • WG-26386 Fixed: Crash in Motion when disconnecting a controller in a multi-player game.
  • WG-26388 Fixed: When the Init bank was unloaded, built-in parameter bindings did not get removed, causing an assert when re-loading the Init bank.
  • WG-26397 Fixed: (Windows) AkInitSettings::eMainOutputType set to AkAPI_DirectSound does not work.
  • WG-26405 Fixed: (VitaSW) ATRAC9 streamed files would not always release their stream buffer, causing issues on long source files.
  • WG-26411 Fixed: Missing Ak_EndOfEvent callback with Release libs only when voices are killed. Possible crash when multiple sounds start at the same time and one is killed on start.
  • WG-26413 Fixed: (Xbox One ADK) Some projects and property sheets are missing from installer.
  • WG-26413 Fixed: (Xbox One ADK) Buffer Security Check is not enabled (as per Xbox Requirements).
  • WG-26422 Fixed: MIDI parameters, including note velocity, have no effect on RTPCs when playing live with a device connected to the Authoring Tool.
  • WG-26424 Fixed: (Linux) Noise when playing back 48 kHz audio media with channel count larger than 2.
  • WG-26428 Fixed: "Inconsistent source status" error message and voices killed when play-pausing multiple sounds at once.