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What's New in 2014.1.4?

2014.1.4 is a patch release. The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2014.1.3 and version 2014.1.4.

Platform SDK changes

  • Updated Xbox One XDK to February 2015.

Performance Improvements

  • WG-26700 Improved Wwise Profiler performance.

Behavioral Changes

  • WG-25995 Changed SetGameObjectOutputBusVolume() to now affect (main) output bus volume of voices even when they are not sending to a user or game-defined auxiliary bus.

New Features

  • WG-27008 Added the Wwise Project Adventure handbook in Simplified Chinese.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-26841 Removed some compilation warnings in the PS4 release build.
  • WG-26784 Added Wwise command-line tool for Mac Authoring.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-26197 Fixed: XMA conversion errors when encoding multichannel XMA.
  • WG-26518 Fixed: Looping sounds are not playable from the Transport in "Non-Original" mode if the original file does not exist.
  • WG-26688 Fixed: Voice Monitor Bus Input mode not displaying correct values when inspected bus is not HDR.
  • WG-26717 Fixed: Crash when changing state while an unloaded switch container is still active.
  • WG-26738 Fixed: Property Editor: All properties tab are hidden when added in floating view.
  • WG-26750 Fixed: Crash when renaming or changing the Location of a Custom Property.
  • WG-26826 Fixed: "Work Unit modified" message, which can appear when saving, is now configurable through the Windows registry.
  • WG-26842 Fixed: Audio hardware failure causes hangs on Wii U.
  • WG-26862 Fixed: "Sound is not attached to any listener" message appears every time AK::SoundEngine::SetActiveListeners() is called.
  • WG-26870 Fixed: Possible crash when adding new binding in the Control Surface Bindings.
  • WG-26871 Fixed: Possible crash when playing a Music Switch Container.
  • WG-26881 Fixed: Minor return code confusion when multiple sounds are queried with AK::SoundEngine::GetSourceStreamBuffering().
  • WG-26897 Fixed: Gaps in audio in some interactive music use cases.
  • WG-26899 Fixed: Fade-in on Music Switch Tracks can fail.
  • WG-26902 Fixed: Not all mixer plug-in functions are profiled for CPU usage.
  • WG-26912 Fixed: Changing object selection in Control Surface does not update the binding group when the view is opened in another layout.
  • WG-26914 Fixed: Control Surface bindings on Game Parameters with different ranges affect each other.
  • WG-26917 Fixed: Race condition in AK::SoundEngine::UnloadBank() causes rare memory corruption in Default Pool.
  • WG-26932 Fixed: Automatically modified presets are not saved.
  • WG-26946 Fixed: Instance limiting ignores voices that are under the volume threshold in "Continue To Play" mode and lets them play.
  • WG-26962 Fixed: Inconsistent AkDeviceSettings::uNumConcurrentIO in deferred streaming device results in I/O freeze.
  • WG-26963 Fixed: ConvertExternalSources option is case-sensitive and fails silently.
  • WG-26979 Fixed: Non-cachable streaming flag sometimes ignored in game-side Wwise.
  • WG-26985 Fixed: State transition time wrongly handled when setting same state many times in a row.
  • WG-26922 Fixed: Crash when using Atrac9 and HDR on PS4.
  • WG-27006 Fixed: ControlSurfacesConfig.xml error when generating SoundBanks with WwiseCLI.exe.
  • WG-27025 Fixed: SoundbanksInfo.xml GUID of the Init bank is changing at every generation.
  • WG-27027 Fixed: Possible crash on PS4 when a decoding error is detected on an Atrac9 streamed file.