Check the Wwise requirements for each of your platforms here: Platform-Specific Information.

Warning: For all those using the Wwise Unity Integration who have not installed Visual Studio 2013 or Wwise, it is necessary to install the applicable Visual Studio 2013 redistributable. This also means developers must include these redistributables within any games they ship.
  • Install vc2013redist_x86.exe to use the 32-bit sound engine.
  • Install vc2013redist_x64.exe to use the 64-bit sound engine.

The integration into Unity requires the following software:

Platform Required components
All platforms Unity Pro 4.6, or Unity 5 (Personal or Pro)
iOS Xcode 4.2 or above with compatible iOS SDK
Linux libSDL2 (See Build for Linux)
Windows DirectX End-User runtime
Windows 32-bit Debug Visual Studio 2008 Redistributable
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