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Creating Distance-Based Blend Tracks

Another way to use blend tracks is to create a complex distance-based blend to diversify perspectives or, simply put, to change the sound content based on distance. This technique can be quite effective when implementing ranged weapons, moving objects, or in this case, magic effects.

We'll be creating a blend container that changes the sound of magic impact blasts near the player, and from a far off distance perspective. When the magic blast event is triggered, the perspective (or combination of perspectives) is played based on the blast game object's distance to the player. So, the content will have more high frequency detail and sense of danger at a close distance from the player and a slightly low pass filtered and reverberant sound when far away.

Magic effects are often associated with particle or visual effects within a game environment. While many particle effects are comprised of different techniques that contribute to the resulting visual effect, there is usually a point of origin, referred to as the game object that travels as the center of the effect in 3D space and can be used to attach sounds. Using the distance to player as part of a dynamic effect can help give a sense of movement to the sound and increase the dramatic effect by lending a positionally significant modifier.