Table des matières


Whether casting spells to fend off a grue attack, getting blasted by dark wizards, or summoning succubus from the nether realms, the rules of magic have been handed down from generation to generation by sorcerers older than time itself. You can experiment with sound in the Wwise authoring application to deploy your sonic alchemy and unleash a powerful torrent of audio mayhem.

This chapter will take you through the process of:

  • Summing and layering with the Blend Container

  • Leveraging blend tracks as part of a distance based perspective model

  • Using real-time effects

  • Using Real-time Parameter Control (RTPC)

  • Creating a synthetic element using Wwise Synth One

  • Using Modulator Envelopes and LFOs to diversify properties of a sound

The approach for creating unique magic effects begins with inspiration. From there, audio files and synthesis define the sound palette for the eventual effect. You can seriously up the creativity quotient in your effects by taking individual sound element variations, or layers of sound, and recombining them using blend containers. Then draw on parameters from the game to add dynamic variability.