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Using Real-Time Effects

In addition to the unique features within the blend container, Wwise ships with a suite of DSP Effects that can be used to modify content after it's been imported, enabling additional sound design possibilities from within the authoring application.

Available in the Property Editor of every audio object, and additionally within the Master-Mixer hierarchy, these effects can be added to modify sounds using fixed settings or dynamically at runtime using game parameters.

[Note] Designer Note

When effects are applied to a bus, all incoming audio data is sub-mixed before the effect is applied. If a chain of effects is applied, the effects are applied in the order in which they appear in the list.

RTPC for effects can be found in the Effect Editor after clicking the Edit button for an enabled effect.
The Edit button is used to access the effect editor

The Effects Editor displays all of the settings of an enabled effect, including access to any properties that can use RTPC.

The effects settings panel and access to the RTPC tab

From the RTPC tab, you can create relationships between effects settings and game parameters to produce unique effects driven by information coming from the game.

RTPC settings added to the Distance_to_Player game parameter

Using game parameters in conjunction with DSP effect settings opens up a whole new world of dynamic content manipulation. You can use the game parameters in conjunction with effects in the following ways:

  • Add a slight flange to a rushing river sound to make it sound eerie, only from a distance.

  • Add stereo delay to all vocalizations when the player is about to die in combat, based on health.

  • Add tremolo to an air conditioner fan loop that changes,based on the rotation speed of the fan.

Whether you're designing iconic spellcasting sounds that need to be instantly recognizable or gaining diversity through recombination, the power of real-time parameter control and dynamic DSP effects can create special effects that are only possible within the environment of an interactive game world.