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Creating the Final Mix

After you have set up the bus structure in your project, you can fine-tune and troubleshoot the mix of sounds, music, and motion in the game. Wwise has two main tools for mixing your game audio:

  • The Master-Mixer Console - A mixing console that groups a variety of bus properties into one view.

  • The Mixing Desk - A flexible and powerful mixing console that groups a variety of bus and object properties into one view.

Both of these views can be used to create the final audio mix of your game in real time. The Mixing Desk, however, gives you more control because more properties are available for editing, and both objects and/or busses can be included in a mixing session.

[Tip] Downmixing

To properly adjust the final output of your mixing session, it is important to understand the Wwise approach to downmixing. For more information, refer to Appendix A, Downmixing Behavior.