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Several views in Wwise include a timeline so that you can use time-based information for different purposes in your project. The following views include a timeline:

  • Music Segment Editor

  • Position Editor

  • Performance Monitor

  • Game Sync Monitor

  • Voice Monitor

Although the timelines generally support many of the same functions, they do have their differences. The following table describes the unique purpose of each timeline.

Use this timeline


Music Segment Editor

Arrange and synchronize interactive music components.

Position Editor

Define time periods for sound paths.

Performance Monitor

View time-based captured information from the Performance Monitor.

Game Sync Monitor

View time-based RTPC value changes for watched game objects.

Voice Monitor

View time-based volume levels of Wwise object voices.

When creating sound paths and monitoring performance, the timeline is used in tandem with a graph view. For more information on the graph view, refer to Working with Control Points in the Graph View.