Wwise ASIO Input

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This plug-in is still experimental.

(See the Wwise ASIO Input Properties below.)

The Wwise ASIO Input plug-in can be used to input sounds from an ASIO compatible device.

[Warning] Warning
ASIO Input requires an ASIO Audio Device (Wwise ASIO Output ) to be running in order to capture inputs from this device.

Wwise ASIO Input Properties

Interface Element


Wwise ASIO Input Properties

Channel Configuration

Sets the number of channels as well as the configuration of the input source. See Understanding Channel Configurations for more information.

Base Channel

Offsets the input channels so the first channel used as an input is the base channel.

Example of Different Properties

The figure below illustrates how the channel configuration and base channel properties affect the input. This example is for a device with two inputs for which the sound is routed into a 4.0 bus.

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