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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
IAkStreamMgr.h File Reference

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struct   AkFileSystemFlags
  File system flags for file descriptors mapping. More...
struct   AkStreamInfo
struct   AkAutoStmHeuristics
  Automatic streams heuristics. More...
struct   AkAutoStmBufSettings
  Automatic streams buffer settings/constraints. More...
struct   AkDeviceDesc
  Device descriptor. More...
struct   AkDeviceData
  Device descriptor. More...
struct   AkStreamRecord
  Stream general information. More...
struct   AkStreamData
  Stream statistics. More...
class   AK::IAkStreamProfile
class   AK::IAkDeviceProfile
class   AK::IAkStreamMgrProfile
class   AK::IAkStdStream
class   AK::IAkAutoStream
class   AK::IAkStreamMgr


namespace   AK
  Audiokinetic namespace.


Profiling string lengths.


enum   AkStmStatus {
  AK_StmStatusIdle = 0, AK_StmStatusCompleted = 1, AK_StmStatusPending = 2, AK_StmStatusCancelled = 3,
  AK_StmStatusError = 4
  Stream status. More...
enum   AkMoveMethod { AK_MoveBegin = 0, AK_MoveCurrent = 1, AK_MoveEnd = 2 }
enum   AkOpenMode { AK_OpenModeRead = 0, AK_OpenModeWrite = 1, AK_OpenModeWriteOvrwr = 2, AK_OpenModeReadWrite = 3 }
  File open mode. More...

Detailed Description

Defines the API of Audiokinetic's I/O streaming solution.

Definition in file IAkStreamMgr.h.