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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ DoOperation()

virtual IOperationResult* AK.Wwise::ISourceControl::DoOperation ( DWORD  in_dwOperationID,
const StringList in_rFilenameList,
const StringList in_pTargetFilenameList = NULL 
pure virtual

Performs an operation on files. This function is called when the user clicks on a source control operation in a menu. For Rename and Move operations in No-User-Interface mode, in_pTargetFilenameList contains the list of target names are known in advance.

in_dwOperationID The ID of the operation that the user selected from the menu
in_rFilenameList A list of the names of the files that the user selected in the Workgroup Manager or in the Project Explorer.
in_pTargetFilenameList Optional: A list of the names of the destination files. Pass NULL when not specified.