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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ CreateFileStatusListControl()

virtual void AK.Wwise::ISourceControlUtilities::CreateFileStatusListControl ( HWND  in_hWndParent,
UINT  in_idStatic,
const WCHAR **  in_ppFilenameList,
unsigned int  in_uiFilenameListCount 
pure virtual

Create a AK style list control with 3 columns:

  • Filename
  • Status
  • Owner You must create a static control in the resources delimitating the region of the list control and pass the control ID of it.
    DestroyFileStatusListControl must be called when handling WM_DESTROY in WindowProc
    This function is not thread-safe.
in_hWndParent The parent dialog to create the list control
in_idStatic The ID of the placeholder static control, which will also be the ID of the list control after the creation
in_ppFilenameList The list of files to show in the list
in_uiFilenameListCount the number of files in the in_ppFilenameList array