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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ AddOutput()

AKRESULT __cdecl AK::SoundEngine::AddOutput ( const AkOutputSettings in_Settings,
AkOutputDeviceID out_pDeviceID = NULL,
const AkGameObjectID in_pListenerIDs = NULL,
AkUInt32  in_uNumListeners = 0 

Adds an output to the sound engine. Use this to add controller-attached headphones, controller speakers, DVR output, etc.

The in_Settings parameter contains an Audio Device shareset to specify the output plugin to use and a device ID to specify the instance, if necessary (e.g. which game controller).

See also
AkOutputSettings for more details.
Integrating Secondary Outputs
Default Wwise Audio Devices
  • AK_NotImplemented: Feature not supported
  • AK_InvalidParameter: Out of range parameters or unsupported parameter combinations (see parameter list below).
  • AK_IDNotFound: Shareset ID doesn't exist. Possibly, the Init bank isn't loaded yet or was not updated with latest changes.
  • AK_DeviceNotReady: The in_iDeviceID doesn't match with a valid hardware device. Either the device doesn't exist or is disabled. Disconnected devices (headphones) are not considered "not ready" therefore won't cause this error.
  • AK_Success: Parameters are valid.
in_Settings Creation parameters for this output. AkOutputSettings
out_pDeviceID (Optional) Output ID to use with all other Output management functions. Leave to NULL if not required. AK::SoundEngine::GetOutputID
in_pListenerIDs Specific listener(s) to attach to this device. If specified, only the sounds routed to game objects linked to those listeners will play in this device.

It is necessary to have separate listeners if multiple devices of the same type can coexist (e.g. controller speakers) If not specified, sound routing simply obey the associations between Master Busses and Audio Devices setup in the Wwise Project.

in_uNumListeners The number of elements in the in_pListenerIDs array.