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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ DecodeBank()

AKRESULT __cdecl AK::SoundEngine::DecodeBank ( const void *  in_pInMemoryBankPtr,
AkUInt32  in_uInMemoryBankSize,
AkMemPoolId  in_uPoolForDecodedBank,
void *&  out_pDecodedBankPtr,
AkUInt32 out_uDecodedBankSize 

Synchronously decodes Vorbis-encoded and Opus-encoded (Software version) media in a SoundBank. The file should already be read in memory before the decode operation. The out_pDecodedBankPtr can then be used with variants of LoadBank that load from in-memory data.
CPU usage, RAM size, storage size and Internet bandwidth must be accounted for when developing a game, especially when it is aimed at mobile platforms. The DecodeBank function makes it possible to decode media at load time instead of decoding them every time they are played.

in_pInMemoryBankPtr Pointer to the in-memory bank to decode (pointer is not stored in sound engine, memory can be released after return)
in_uInMemoryBankSize Size of the in-memory bank to decode
in_uPoolForDecodedBank Memory pool to allocate decoded bank into. Specify AK_INVALID_POOL_ID and out_pDecodedBankPtr=NULL to obtain decoded bank size without performing the decode operation. Pass AK_INVALID_POOL_ID and out_pDecodedBankPtr!=NULL to decode bank into specified pointer.
out_pDecodedBankPtr Decoded bank memory location.
out_uDecodedBankSize Decoded bank memory size.