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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ Suspend()

AKRESULT __cdecl AK::SoundEngine::Suspend ( bool  in_bRenderAnyway = false )

This function should be called to put the sound engine in background mode, where audio isn't processed anymore. This needs to be called if the console has a background mode or some suspended state. Call WakeupFromSuspend when your application receives the message from the OS that the process is back in foreground. When suspended, the sound engine will process API messages (like PostEvent and SetSwitch) only when RenderAudio() is called. It is recommended to match the in_bRenderAnyway parameter with the behavior of the rest of your game: if your game still runs in background and you must keep some kind of coherent state between the audio engine and game, then allow rendering. If you want to minimize CPU when in background, then don't allow rendering and never call RenderAudio from the game.

  • Android: Call for APP_CMD_PAUSE
  • iOS: Don't call. All audio interrupts are handled internally.
  • XBoxOne: Use when entering constrained mode or suspended mode (see ResourceAvailability in Xbox One documentation).
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in_bRenderAnyway If set to true, audio processing will still occur, but not outputted. When set to false, no audio will be processed at all, even upon reception of RenderAudio().