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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ PrepareBank() [1/4]

AKRESULT __cdecl AK::SoundEngine::PrepareBank ( AK::SoundEngine::PreparationType  in_PreparationType,
const char *  in_pszString,
AK::SoundEngine::AkBankContent  in_uFlags = AkBankContent_All 

This function will load the Events, structural content, and optionally, the media content from the SoundBank. If the flag AkBankContent_All is specified, PrepareBank() will load the media content from the bank; but, as opposed to LoadBank(), the media will be loaded one media item at a time instead of in one contiguous memory block. Using PrepareBank(), alone or in combination with PrepareEvent(), will prevent in-memory duplication of media at the cost of some memory fragmentation. Calling this function specifying the flag AkBankContent_StructureOnly will load only the structural part (including events) of this bank, allowing using PrepareEvent() to load media on demand.

See also
PrepareBank(), when called with the flag AkBankContent_StructureOnly, requires additional calls to PrepareEvent() to load the media for each event. PrepareEvent(), however, is unable to access media content contained within SoundBanks and requires that the media be available as loose files in the file system. This flag may be useful to implement multiple loading configurations; for example, a game may have a tool mode that uses PrepareEvent() to load loose files on-demand and, also, a game mode that uses LoadBank() to load the bank in entirety.
in_PreparationType Preparation type ( Preparation_Load or Preparation_Unload )
in_pszString Name of the bank to Prepare/Unprepare.
in_uFlags Structures only (including events) or all content.