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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK.Wwise Namespace Reference




class   DefaultAudioPluginImplementation
  Use this base class to quickly implement most plugin functions empty. More...
class   IAudioPlugin
class   IDoubleProgress
  Add support for a second progress bar to the IProgress interfaces. More...
class   IPluginBase
class   IPluginMediaConverter
class   IPluginObjectMedia
class   IPluginObjectStore
class   IPluginPropertySet
class   IProgress
class   IReadOnlyProperties
  Interfaces used to set and get the properties from a plug in. More...
class   IReadWriteProperties
class   ISourceControl
class   ISourceControlDialogBase
class   ISourceControlOperationProgress
class   ISourceControlUtilities
class   IWriteData
class   IWriteString
class   Mallocator
struct   OutputDeviceDescriptor
struct   PopulateTableItem
class   SafeAllocator
class   SourceControlConstant
  This class contains static constants that can be useful to the plug-in. More...
class   Version


typedef AKRESULT(CALLBACK *  RegisterWwisePluginFn) (AK::PluginRegistration *in_pList)


enum   AudioFileChannel {
  Channel_mono = 0, Channel_stereo = 1, Channel_mono_drop = 2, Channel_stereo_drop = 3,
  Channel_as_input = 4, Channel_mono_drop_right = 5, Channel_stereo_balance = 6
  Import channel configuration options. More...
enum   LicenseType { LicenseType_Trial = 1, LicenseType_Purchased, LicenseType_Academic }
  License type. More...
enum   LicenseStatus { LicenseStatus_Unlicensed, LicenseStatus_Expired, LicenseStatus_Valid, LicenseStatus_Incompatible }
  License status. More...
enum   Severity {
  Severity_Success = -1, Severity_Message, Severity_Warning, Severity_Error,
  Log message severity. More...
enum   ConversionResult { ConversionSuccess = 0, ConversionWarning = 1, ConversionFailed = 2 }
  Conversion error code. More...


AKRESULT  RegisterWwisePlugin ()