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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
Quick Start Sample Integration - Dynamic Dialogue

Dynamic Dialogue Example

The following code plays back a single dialogue event inside of a dynamic sequence:

// Open a dynamic sequence using the appropriate game object.
AkPlayingID sequenceID = AK::SoundEngine::DynamicSequence::Open( GAME_OBJECT_ID_HUMAN );
// Add a single dialogue event to the playlist of the dynamic sequence.
// Resolve dialogue event into an audio node ID based on the specified argument path.
const char * argPath[3] = { // Following the order of Arguments:
"Unit_A", // "Units"
"RescueHostage", // "Objectives"
"Completed" }; // "ObjectiveStatus"
AkUniqueID nodeID =
AK::SoundEngine::DynamicDialogue::ResolveDialogueEvent( "Objective_Status", argPath, 3 );
// Add audio node ID to dynamic sequence playlist.
pPlaylist->Enqueue( nodeID );
// Play the dynamic sequence.
// Close the dynamic sequence. The dynamic sequence will play until finished and then
// deallocate itself automatically.

Refer to Integration Details - Dynamic Dialogue for more information.